We are located in Woodstock, Ga. We have been around for 20+ years. It all started as an idea and then became a reality when a father and son decided to create this bussiness that they named SouthScapes. Our goal is to bring any project that our client's have in mind to life. We do about everything from lawn maintenance to installations.

What we're about 

We are here for you and your complete satisfaction; that is what it has always been about. We are not like these big name landscaping companies that are just looking to do the job the quickest and easiest way possible and get paid for it. We put time and effort into our work and make sure it is done properly. If any mistakes are made, we go back and do it until it is completed the way you like. We like to do the work first before you give us any money that way you can feel secure. We build relationships with our customers. We get to know you and your likes and like to provide you with a few complementary things yearly to show we do care such as shirts, hats, calendars, Holiday disks, and pens.

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